The WaxWane Wordmark

We're a multi-disciplinary creative agency committed to helping companies articulate and achieve value through design:

The ways we work, the things we use, the ways we live.

It’s not only what you sell, it’s also what you give.

We are no longer defined only by how we profit, but by what we contribute. Business is more than a list of transactions: it is a forum for mutual relationship. Our focus is on shaping what you offer as a company: we help identify and articulate the core purpose and values that define your business, and we work with you to help make that known.

When you get that right, the other things will follow.

Work with purpose, collaborate openly, create things of import.

We bring creatives, specialists, advisers, and clients together to collaborate on projects that put relationship first. We define identity, we connect and communicate, we shape experience, and we build place.

Strategy & Facilitation

- Public Consultation
- Collaborative Workshops
- Brand Strategy
- Product
- Usability
- Market

Design & Implementation

- Identity
- Graphic
- Media
- Interactive
- Product
- Environmental
- Urban
- Economic


We are available for short-term consultations and select project or retainer relationships. We also welcome collaborative ventures.

Short-Term Consultations

We love to connect with people to share information, learn new things, and workshop opportunities. Bring us in to introduce new ideas over an afternoon or weekend.

Project or Retainer Relationships

We’re an agency with an ability to bring great talent to the table for any creative project. We work best when we all roll up our sleeves to meet projects head on as partners.

Collaborative Ventures

We love to participate in long-term ventures within a collaborative partnership. Add us to your team with a reduced fee structure and a percentage of equity.


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Edmonton, Alberta
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201 226 20th St. W
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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