Sometimes things grow beyond what you anticipated. In 2015, we thought it might be fun to get some photography contacts together to do a small installation in a coffee shop. The idea was simple: show something you love in Edmonton, or something you hate - nothing iconic. Alongside we produced an Instagram account a few t-shirts and a little online shop. We pressed 'launch' and waited to see what would happen.

That first initial project grew into something much bigger than we had planned. While we intended pack things in after six months or so, Still In Edmonton struck a chord with people, and we just kept taking photos and making more shirts. It's just words on a t-shirt, but it connected with the love/hate relationship many people in Edmonton (and other cities, we're sure) feel.

WXWN: Identity, Web, Photography

Part of the experiment for the project was to seeing how large we could build an audience using word of mouth, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. In the first 6 months we had already reached more than 1000 followers on Instagram (by far the most popular medium we used), all without any major advertising or promotions.

The feedback we get from this project has gone well beyond our expectations. People write to us telling us how this captures how they feel, still, even after living in Edmonton for 26 years.