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Q: So what Are you?

A: We build are a brand development studio — we design graphics, photograph things, make videos etc.

Q: So you’re in Marketing?

A: Sure. We’re in “marketing”.

Q: is that unfair?

A: It’s more complicated than that, but lets not split hairs.

Q: So what do you do?

A: We help businesses make better use of design. We consult, manage, and coordinate creative work (ie. graphics, photos, video) that make your business better (ie. do more business, command a better price, find more qualified customers, etc.). We work with businesses that

Q: So you’ll make me a logo?

SHORT A: Not exactly.

LONG A: If you come to us asking for a logo. We might ask you, ‘Well, what do you want a logo for?’, and you’ll typically say, ‘well we need a new one’, and we’ll say, ‘Why?’, and you’ll typically say, ‘Because this one is outdated’, and we’ll say, ‘Not good enough. Let’s ask a different question: what’s changed in your business recently?’, and you’ll say something like, ‘Our sales are down’, or ‘We have a new boss’, or ‘I just went to a conference and I’m AMPED!’, to which we’ll say, ‘Great! So that’s where we should start', and you’ll say, ‘Huh?’, which isn’t a question, but we’ll continue, ‘instead of putting lipstick on a pig, we like to work with the pig’, and you’ll either be grossed out or offended, but we’ll press on, ‘you’re coming to us for the “razzle dazzle”, but before we do any of that, we need to help you work on the underlying issues, which may range from your pricing, to your staff training, to your communication messaging’, and you’ll either say, ‘that sounds really good’, to which we’ll start working together, and at some point we might do some identity work with you, OR you’ll say, ‘No thanks, I just need a logo man, how cheap can you go’, to which we’ll wish you all the very best.

Q: Uh huh. So Give me Some exampleS of what you’ve done

A: We’ve worked with an architecture firm to help

A small creative studio in Western Canada.

We work in multiple disciplines, configurations, and partnerships to build brands, develop products, and create experiences.

Wax Wane is a creative studio based out of.

CV available upon request.