We’re a studio focused on helping companies find and develop value—from what goods or services they offer, to how they sell it.

Want to work with us? We’d love to chat about it.


No, there’s no forms here, or gimmicky sales funnels. We just have a couple questions for you to think about.

Afterwards, shoot us a line at mail@waxwane.co and we’ll arrange a time to talk. The coffee’s on us!

1. What are you trying to accomplish?

We find that most people come to us needing a task performed. They need a website built, or a video produced. We’d love to help you with that, but we’re also keen to hear what you’re trying to do with that work and why.


2. What sort of return are you hoping for?

Are your goals financial? Or are they service-orientated? Maybe you’re just looking for positive brand recognition. Understanding your goals will help us determine our how we might approach a project.


3. What is the investment you’re willing to make into your project?

We work with all sorts of budgets for a range of desired goals & outcomes. We do our best to bring value at any level of investment—however we also need you to be realistic about the scope.


4. When are you hoping to get down to business?

Unless we’ve been working together a long time, if you need a cheap fix yesterday, we’re likely not a good fit for the project.


Frequently Asked Questions

It wouldn’t be fair if we got to ask all the questions, now would it?


Here’s some of the questions we frequently encounter.

We get it—what we do is vague. That’s because the solutions to interesting problems are rarely straightforward. If it were, strategic thinking would be stocked at your local grocer.

What are some things you actually do?

First and foremost, we plan and problem-solve.

We aim to get out in front of your day-to-day work to bring ideas and strategic thinking that bring value to your business. Typically that revolves around your ‘brand’—which is a loaded concept in and of itself—but our work can also be about business and marketing in general.

Secondly, we help you plan and execute key creative deliverables.

  • Naming - exceptional names are a crucial element of a great business

  • Identities and design systems - stuff that helps visually accentuate and organize your business or business units

  • Websites and digital marketing tools - everything from simple Squarespace websites to social and digital listings like Facebook and Google

  • Content and media - ours is a very visual world. We plan and produce all sorts of content—from writing, to photography, to video

  • Campaign management - some businesses require extra marketing in seasonal or time-specific sales cycles


What is it that you don’t do?

Quite a bit actually.

The creative marketplace is full of talented people, and it would be silly to try and accomplish everything in-house. We only take on work we know we can do—in everything else, we work side-by-side with you to procure and manage outside creative deliverables.


Can you just quote me on a new logo?

Short answer? No, not really.

If you’ve read this far, and still just want us to deliver you a logo, we’re not going to be a fit. If you’re willing to explore why you need a logo, and what business goals the new logo will help you achieve, then we’re willing to buy you coffee and chat about it!


What is your ideal client?

Honestly? It’s not about budget.

We value long-term working relationships over short-term dollars. Why? Because we believe that working together over time produces intangible value for both parties.

Let’s find a small project to cut our teeth on. If you like that, let’s work to find something we can work on over time.


Do you work with in-house marketing or design staff?

Absolutely! In fact we often prefer it.

Working with an in-house team means we have a dedicated partner to collaborate with over time. If you have a single marketing person, or a small team, we can often enhance their value by adding creative components outside of their wheelhouse.


How much do you charge?

We have dropped using a billable hour.

Why? Because sometimes something done in 15 minutes is worth more than something that took two days. In either case, what is fair to charge? For simplicity, we can quote and execute short engagements starting at a minimum of a half day at $350.

However, our preference is to find an ongoing arrangement where we’ve allocated a monthly budget that we can work within.


What about third-party costs?

We do not mark up any hard costs.

Printing, shipping, software, advertising - when you approve an expense, it all gets billed to you directly. Why? So that you know we are focused on a tactic’s outcome for you, not its profitability to us.